The company has told anyone who has asked that they will be putting out news this week or early next so why ramp up the rhetoric about the milestones being late? I don't understand. And as far as blind faith they provided a tour of the lab and allowed any questions to be asked of Taylor’s group. They walked us through the technology process steps by step. Showed us test results. Had a microscope set up so we could view the most recent chips from BAE in detail. Had a waveguide setup to transfer light and showed the energy output on a scope in real time. This does not qualify in my opinion of a company that is relying on the shareholders to have blind faith. As far as I am concerned they have given us all the opportunity for in depth due diligence into the technology. They have hired Lee Shepherd to market the technology and provided his resume so everyone could see how qualified and well suited to the task he is.

Now they have told us they are issuing news on their progress. There is no reason to expect they are issuing bad news. Why would they? If it was bad news don’t you think they would wait until Q4 was over? I do.

There has been zero insider selling ahead of this news.

We have days to wait now and still some people are complaining?