Fairchij, you should take a break from responding to these basher clowns...it changes nothing. Everyone  who is familiar with Stockhouse is also familiar with the likes of troufignon, beenthere, rabbitears, yvrogne etc. I've heard all sorts of theories regarding these people who post around the clock on multiple bb's, posting non stop negativity (I lost a ton on this p.o.s!!, management are crooks!! etc., etc.). Some people think they are being paid by brokerages or competing companies, other people think they are shorters trying to scare buyers away and encourage selling and still others think they are doing the same thing in order to accumulate at a lower price...........who knows...but more importantly.....who cares.

  Whatever their agenda is, we know they are not legitimate investors...either that or they are the unluckiest, most incompetent investors on earth, with a seemingly limitless amount of money to constantly lose on all these "horrible" stocks they claim to own.

  The fact that we now know news is coming probably has a lot to do with the fact that our resident bashers have suddenly decided to increase their posting lately.....and obviously it hasn't done anything to the sp...we're still holding pretty well in the .40's despite some minimal decrease in stock price.

  I for one am taking the weekend off from the SH circus and will be looking forward to whatever news OPEL has in store for us....and good or bad.....the bashers will be here to spin as much negativity as they can......'cause that's all they do.

  Have a great weekend all!