I'm going to stay true to the main point of my post and avoid perpetuating this discussion with a combative reply.  The other point I was making is that a lack of news plays tricks on your psyche. Hence the pullback SP-wise.

But although I don't expect you to be completely satisfied, I would expect you to be happier than you were at 21. We're all itching for the laser, and I guess the solar deal, too.  If it makes you feel better I couldn't afford to buy in the 20s, nor can I now.  I'm also waiting for something like your break even price to be completely satisfied.

The laser is everything right now.  I'd be lying if I said I had no anxiety as I wait.  I don't even really care about  possible delays with the other Q4 milestones.  The laser is really what sets POET apart from anything else out there.

So lets not devour each other while we wait.  Were all hoping for the same thing.