I used to think the SP was responsible for the frayed nerves that causes us to break in to factions.  But here we are at 2X the SP, and the board again resembles the days when Voldemort would pepper the BB with inane or vacuous posts, which over time, increased exponentially in terms of stupidity and volume.  He and his ever-present multi-aliased masochist lapdog brought out he worst in me, so I am choosing to keep my distance from this board until the laser is announced, or if more DD can be provided.

In the meantime I've been able to determine that the anxiety level is not correlated with the SP, but rather to the number of days since the last substantive and substantial news release.   Either that, or we crave the increase in SP rather than the level of the SP itself . . .

I sympathize with those who are frustrated with the lack of updates and/or the inability to bring my average share cost down due to spending all my investing money when solar had +$1B proposals cued up.  I'm also keenly aware of my own biases toward this company and the possibility that I *could* be trapped by my own wish thinking.

On the other hand, the sweeping changes that have taken place over just a few months can't be minimized.  The fact that some of what has been set in motion hasn't come to fruition is beside the point.  We are moving in the right direction. 

Without giving it much thought, it seems like it would be an easy thing to shoot straight from the hip and give the shareholders and unredacted snapshot of our current situation.  But doing this could be irresponsible.  It could impact the negotiations to sell the tracker IP.  It could needlessly shake the SP down to year lows, only to have it simply recover from those lows when the news finally comes (as opposed to going up from here). 

For the record, my lack of participation on this board over the last couple of weeks has nothing at all to do with my confidence level (actually, my lack of participation may be a result of my belief that we will hear about the laser soon).  I have been such a fixture on this board for so long now I wanted to make sure that fact was clear.  It's just that I feel no urge to go round and round the severed pig's head debating what could only ever amount to an opinion.  Yes, the information vacuum makes me want to drop a boulder on a bespectacled fat kid.  But I'm willing to let the company do what needs to be done and sit patiently, while we wait to suckle off the newswire teat for another fix.