The only all to familiar fluffy NR. words from this co. regarding the progress of the now 6 month pending solar division sale that are worth noting to me are highlited in red ...may ... potential... expected...some. Those forward looking projections more or less says "little if anything palitable to any concerned parties" had been acheived to the date of that NR. IMHO  The solar divestment.. err... Yard sale material is rusting on the table, likely thanks in part to the past missmanagement of our beloved CEO and still employed puppetier / President, LEON..


As for the solar side, the recent NR says "Closing of this transaction may transpire upon completion of due diligence by the purchaser and fulfillment of all closing conditions." Plus, the recent MD&A states "OPEL is in active discussions with a potential purchaser expecting to close a sale of the some of the solar assets."