Hobo you summarize the changes in this company since last year as “we have a new figure head”. I don’t know whether you are trying to be funny or just are not aware of the changes that have taken place since the big run-up following the Pellegrino report.

A total of 16 changes have occurred in management and the board since April last year.

A lot of options got exercised to us unsuspecting shareholders. Many hundreds of thousands of cheap shares were sold by insiders as they headed for the exit signs but also a lot of shares were sold by the few that remained and no screamed louder at the company than me for these activities. Sheldon Inwentash sold millions as he reduced his exposure.

A lot of directors have changed the COO the Executive Chair. Like I mentioned a total 16 changes have been made to management and the board since the run-up.  Mark Benadiba was appointed to the Executive Chair or what you called the figure head position on June 11. How much insider selling has taken place since then?  Zero.  Sheldan Inwentash is back on side with only buying and no selling.

As far as I can tell since the shakeup there has been not one thing we can fault the new management for.  We have in fact been updated on the solar deal.  We are waiting on a POET update which they have given a time frame to anyone that asked.  One to two weeks and they will be issuing a news release providing an update on the progress they have made with POET and whatever else they can share.  Then we will know why Lee Shepherd was hired at this time and why Taylor's team have been awarded a very significant number of options with a 1 year hold period.

Yes Hobo that is  good way to sum up the changes… “we have a new figure head.”