Guys you are talking about the old company. I completely agree that we got the dirty end of the stick last year and the beginning of this year. No question about this but come on you guys. Since Mark B has taken over (and there is no question in my mind that he has) there has been none of this behaviour. This company was on the verge of bankruptcy and there was zero confidence left in the dead solar sector business. IBK forced this company to cleaned house (not completely but close enough). The stock is up 100 % since Mark B took over. And we will be getting news very soon! To me this all good. Will they announce MS3? I think so but in my opinion whatever they announce will be good news. If it was bad news they would have announced it then set options after the share price fell. As it is they are spending several days to put this news release together which provides enough space and time between the options being announced (which by the way are vested in 1 year) So despite the options being in the money so soon after being set they cannot be cashed in. There are so many reasons to expect good news here. Talking about the old company and rehashing provides nothing other than to make people who are not fully knowledgeable about the history of this company with uncertainty.