Hobo did you listen to the audio clips of the lab tour. They were posted here on this forum and they were not fabricated. We were allowed to ask Taylor and his team whatever questions we wanted. It was totally unfiltered. Maybe too unfiltered. That would have never happened last year and I think you know this. As far as rose colour glasses. Any rose coloured glasses turned into the colour of poop as we got smacked by this company last year and in the spring. We know why Peralta left the board and we know why he came back. You can’t be so blind as to not see the transformation that has taken place. So you can talk all you want about where this company was last year and the early part of this year and I don’t think you could paint an uglier picture than what most of us have. But the people who have continued to follow this company and who remain loyal have only done so for one reason. Because we see the potential of this technology and we believe the people and structure are now in place to see this technology continue to be developed into a commercial ready platform. The insights provided at the lab tour, the continued support by IBK, all the strategic moves we see being made to position this company, the complete lack of insider selling and the share price support we have seen all point to a very good chance that they will be successful,

I believe the view here is very objective and unbiased and based on where this company is now and not where it was when the focus was all on the collapsing solar sector.