"There's a lot of people that bought north of a buck on pure fabricated news, while the insiders dumped after withholding material information.  I don't forget mistakes to that degree."

 Not sure where you're getting the "withholding material information", if they did, then they broke the law and if you have evidence of this, why did you not report it to the regulators and legal authorities Hobo?

  I also don't remember any "fabricated" news, I remember the successful completion of the laser and the first successful manufacturing of a device, both of which were met with Pinetree selling into the rally's and killing the sp. Pinetree was the main seller last year...and they single handedly devastated the share price, while making millions for their shareholders since they were waaay in the black with OPEL.

  All of us can debate back and forth if the upcoming news is good, bad or fluff....but it won't change anything. If you think so little of this company and figure it is just "more of the same", then you might as well take your lumps and move on.....if you are expecting bad news, but are still holding......that's not very intelligent investing in my books.

  I think the upcoming news will be good, which is why I am holding even though I am sitting on a nice profit right now.....the laser doesn't have to be created...it already exists...do I think Dr. Taylor can successfully modify it for continuous wave?......Yes I do, which is why I'm not selling a single share until I hear otherwise.

  We all know news isn't coming for at least a couple weeks, so I'm taking a hike from this board....good luck everyone, see you in December!


p.s. RIM is halted today....as good Canadians, let's cross our fingers that those boys get back on top!