You've got some rose coloured glasses on Fairchij -- I think you need to look at this a bit more pragmatically.  There's a lot of people that bought north of a buck on pure fabricated news, while the insiders dumped after withholding material information.  I don't forget mistakes to that degree.

The unfortunate part of all of it is that a good chunk of my investment in this company is in registered funds, no tax loss available there.  I'm just very cautious with believing anything out of this company, and more so with what's posted on this board.  If the tech is legit; yes it can be a total disruption to technology as we know it today -- however the communication from this company is terrible and it's smacks of their behaviour last year when enticing them that news "maybe in a week to a week in a half.. You know, after Dec 1".  Convenient timing.