In an ideal world, we would get a steady stream of information from the company which will guides us to better manage our investment. Unfortunately, this is such a rarity in the real world. In the end, we're all left to our own devices to dicern small pieces of information attempting to paint a fuller picture of what we're investing in. That's just the way it is. The quicker one accepts this reality, the better one is at investing, in my humble opinion.


A good part of the reality check is about managing one's expectations which in turn will lead to better management of one's investments. One reason why I don't post here often is that this board is lopsided to paint only one particular picture and by not 'participating' I feel I have a more balanced perspective in my investment in POET.


For this reason and as the 'clock' ticks away, I've sold 2/3 of my shares and will hold the remainder till 'hell freezes over'.


Anyways, we now only have 3-4 weeks to find out whether we hit the milestones as promised. Fingers crossed that this Christmas will be a happy one for all shareholders.

I'm CAUTIOUSLY optimistic.