As has already been noted, this item was not in time to be included on the 2011 figures.    However it WILL show up on the 1st quarter report when it comes out.   And KNOWING that that will happen makes a difference:

"Opel has a customer following, but has yet to report a profit. Management recently secured a $5.0 million revolving line of credit to help support operations as sales ramp. Working capital had been an issue in recent quarters as Opel struggled to ship its historic largest order of 4.6 MW of its TF-850 solar trackers to Global Energy Service USA. That order was completed in the March 2012 quarter.

"Struggled to ship":  working at full capacity!   Note that some of the financing may have been to increase the production rate.     Note also that, in stark contrast to the PVCs, the price of trackers has not been dropping due to  the increased competition of PVCs.   It would appear that, as I predicted it might, the demand for trackers is actually increasing due to the lowered price of PVCs.    So Opel can thrive while others in the solar industry are struggling.     [The decision to make the trackers "panel agnostic" was prescient and has apparently made a HUGE difference to Opel's prospects in the solar business.

I note that some here are very unhappy with Opel management (the options timing [when ELSE do companies generally award options?], the "tight lips" on PRs [Opel has US military contracts and tight lips are VERY much part of the game]).   But Opel management has, in far more imporant areas critical to the companies success (as opposed to short term share price) made some truly outstanding moves:   Note how it came thru several very bad economic years with very little dilution.   Not how the "agnostic" trackers have changed what would have been a very hard time into what might well turn out to be a highly profitable period for Opel.

Personally I would very much like to see Opel hand on to the solar business.