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POET Technologies Inc. V.PTK

Sector: Technology | Sub-Sector: Semiconductors
Alternate Symbol(s): POETF

POET Technologies Inc along with its subsidiaries develops and markets semiconductor devices using POET. The POET platform is a semiconductor fabrication process that combines electronic & optical elements on a single integrated circuit.
Price: $2.54 | Change: $-0.23 | % Change: -8.30%
Volume: 3.5m | Day High/Low: 2.82/2.43 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.87/0.315

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Agreed this puppy could be sub two bucks monday afternoon given the parabolic rise to date..The question is whether it would be a screaming buy,or still just another prototype with a lot of unanswered...read more
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RE:RE:Apple Prides Itself on Innovation

what big tech companies do is prototype and test in a controlled environment for at least a year before they even begin to manufacture.....so if poet sees a application they would approach for testing...read more
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RE:RE:Original Pellegrino Valuation (Main Body)

So many assumptions. Makes the valuation about as valid as Snapchat's $3 Billion valuation or WhatsApp's $19 Billion cost.  rate and reply
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RE:Apple Prides Itself on Innovation

lscfa wrote: Why doesn't it step up and make an iphone with the POET technology? (Rhetorical) Apple doesn't gamble on unproven technology. Pointless question.  rate and reply
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Apple Prides Itself on Innovation

Why doesn't it step up and make an iphone with the POET technology? (Rhetorical)  rate and reply
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RE:Interesting article from last year.

"The company believes its chips “could easily be a $10-billion opportunity” if one or more Silicon Valley companies begin to develop devices made with them."  rate and reply
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Anyone looking at the chart can see we are going much lower. Yes, a few dead cat bounces here and there, but definitely, we will get under 2.00 on this pullback. Pulback just started and can last a...read more
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Interesting article from last year.

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/small-business/sb-growth/the-challenge/how-to-sell-silicon-valley-on-the-death-of-silicon/article13093729/  rate and reply
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RE:Factors affecting new valuation report

Also: 2 year led on competition, new market uses for POET technolgy, proliferating smart devices markets.  rate and reply
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Factors affecting new valuation report

3 years since last valuation report, many milestones met, closer to full commercialization, future cashs flows closer, lower risk, lower discount rate, reduced royalty rate payable to UConn  rate and reply
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Pellegrino & Associates  rate and reply
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Same outfit again.  rate and reply
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Screefer wrote: That's right. The new valuation is expected to come in at $1 billion + Screefer,who is conducting this valuation?Thanks  rate and reply
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RE:Poll (closes May 31st)

Be interesting to see year over year numbers. Also, bet I could mine bit coins really fast with one of these chips working for me  rate and reply
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RE:RE: RE: Intel Bets on Moore's Law for Another Deca

fairchij wrote: Here is another note from the IBK meeting which addresses competition. Mark and Peter both commented that they have talked to big investors which have asked them if they were given...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Pinetree question

I should also note that it is highly unlikely that Pinetree would exercise any warrants as they have obviously maxed out their balance in common shares. Exercising waarants right now would cause...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Pinetree question

Warrants were requested to be exercised which means to be cash neutral the holders who have exercised would have to sell one share roughly for every 5 shares exercised. The question that needs to be...read more
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RE:Pinetree question

Sheldon Inwentash controls a total of 14% of the fully diluted share count (all warrants and options associated with POET are exercised). Unless POET issues a pile of shares or Sheldon sells a pile of...read more
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RE:Original Pellegrino Valuation (Main Body)

StrategicTrader wrote: Below you will find the main body of the original Pellegrino Valuation Report. General Key Valuation Assumptions The following are key assumptions that are common to all...read more
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Share Ownership

http://apps.cnbc.com/view.asp?country=US&uid=stocks/ownership&symbol=ptk-v&country=CA  rate and reply