I am with smith gee on this one, buying and accumulating the B warrants . Their exercise price is .35 and the expiry is May 09 2014 , the PTA.wt s expire on OCT 2014, exercise price of .75. SO if the commons double in a year,( .67) and that asking quite a lot, the intrinsic value on the b's would be .32 a four bagger ( home run). The reg warrants i would suggest may be trading at around .05 given they are out of the money by .08 with only 7 months left to expiry..

I prefer warrants a lot closer to the money.

Another scenerio is the commons get to 1.00 by MAY 2014. That is a triple from here, not bad returns on the commons in that time frame ! The value of the b's at expiry would be .65 and that is 8 bags from here.

With 5 months left the PTA .wts might attract some buyers given the rapid rise in share price and get a value of about .30 or .40, close to a ten bagger.

Buying warrants betting the commons share price triples on a stock with over 600 million shares out, likely not the least risky route.  How many warrants will get exercised in that timeframe? the OS share count likely would be closer to a billion shares with most of those b warrants and other options exercised.But jmho