Nice work Hockeylad. You and Coastline are the better posters on here. You provide information as opposed to cheerleading without something to back it up. I reviewed Parex's Corporate Presentation dated January 2013.

Page 15 has a great map of the proposed location of Chiriguaro Este. It apprears to be due east of La Casona-1. There has been some other discoveries around the block.

Page 10 details the Los Ocarros block and shows the prospective wells between Parex and PTA is due south of Las Maracas. It looks like they are planning on 3 prospecitve wells on this block. I like the fact that Parex is the operator. To be honest, I think they have a better idea where the oil is. This is especially the case since they have 5 discoveries in neighbouring blocks that follow a parrell fault line to Las Maracas.

Hockey fingers crossed you might be very well correct on the Chance of Success for these wells. Well done on your research. Please keep it up!