This would be a summary of my research on the .WT's.

- Exercisable once Stock hits 0.75 Cents and expires Oct 2014.

The following is a netural stance on my conclusion on WT.  I am a big holder of PTA and PTA.WT.B's however in the past 60 days I been studying the WT's now very closely and discovered more into it.. and would love to hear any others input.


  • Upon my research and speaking with IR the warrants for a firm in particular for PTA is to be considered as part of the entire entity upon takeout.. So some of us here who are little junior to knowledge ... yes warrant holders are compensated in a form.  Now when a firm takes out if they decide to on PTA .. to firstly give in under 0.75 is just not making sense to happen and if so, the buyer will know the debt structure of the firm and need to execute in such manner. So logic explains that for those of us who are sophiscated enough to have understanding on PTA.
  • A simple exit production and target price its simple to say we can expect Dec 2013 to be rangebound somwhere 0.50 - 0.80.   Its hard to place a needle but thats a note.  Haywood were very conservative in their conclusion of 0.55 cents when they posted for a target price by Dec 2013.  
  • Looking at WT history it did tap out around 0.20 about a year or 2 ago when stock was close to 0.60 and most recently in the past month or so at 0.10 (hitting a higher leverage given time)..  so the rewards are exessively high on WT's ..
  • WT is exchangeable MOST IMPORTANTLY for 1 SHARE : 1 WARRNT.. where as the B's appear for 1 SHARE : 2 WARRANTS...  Yes the B's are safe and in the money but the WT's are extremely rewarding.
  • This post is my observation.. 
  • Interesting buy trades if you have observed houses buying in the past 3 business  days..

Most importantly holding PTA, PTA.WT.B and PTA.WT are great combination of tools in the treasure box.

News expected -- LA CASONA..  THIS IS A HUGE NEWS BREAK for this company DEPENDING ON what we get in the next few weeks caz it can turn out to be better or not than Las Marcas.. but based on what we know La Casona looks - "exciting " ? -- which explains the last few days jump in anticpation of what we are getting next week ?? or few days ?