I ll wait for the production facilities to be complete at LM, and the drilling of additional developmental wells

at LM (lower perceived risk), at least 4 wells, perhaps even more. As we are likely doing around 5000 boes/day, and cashflow should really start to be piling up, with these additional wells, I can see another significant ramp in production, and another leg up in cashflow. Remember the production facilities are designed with 15000 boes/day crude in mind, so we would have to add another 7 or 7500 boes to get them maxed out. I think thats achievable with the additional developmental wells. The wait shouldnt be that long, perhaps 2 months and we will have a very good idea on the plans at LM. I m expecting some news on the spud at El Eden, and the La Curiara well, high potential impact and good partners. Have a nice day.