I believe colin has been available this week. I never have a problem getting a hold of him, so not sure what you mean. Some of us have been stating facts here, but remember if wells dont work out, plans change, and if they work out better than expected, then you get LM 7 instead of a disposal well. Im not one to toot anyones horn, but take a look at this companies netback, likely going to settle in more on the longer term basis at well over 60 dollar a barrel, good luck if you get 40 plus a barrel in north america on a decent sized producer. Heres what I know, company is doing more than 4000 boes/day.. Now, if you can wait a short time, La Maracas will be starting again, with the likely drilling of at least 4 lower risk developmental types of wells, perhaps even a few more. The production facilities at LM are designed for about 15k boes/day oil. petroamerica and parex are equal partners in the field.  Thats simple math.. I dont think a lot of companies have that type of growth potential coupled with the likely high netbacks that should be received. Cashflow should fund most needs for exploration for the year. Thats it in a nutshell, though I suspect others will have something to add.. Have a nice day.