I understand you on the gran tierra, however, i believe they may have a significant amount of heavier oil than does PTA. And Im not going to spend 3 or 4 hours digging through their sedar files to confirm. Im seeing some production in argentina, which doesnt really facinate me, like Columbia or Brazil might. Im thinking the latest M and A in Columbia which produced flowing BOE/day valuation of around 45000 dollars a flowing barrel, albeit, the oil quality from what i saw was reasonably heavier, no idea on any relevant RLI for the companies involved

in the transactions. That is the minimum I would likely use for PTA, as they have higher API production, but I

can not find any comparision RLI numbers to compare longevity of reserves for the various companies I like to

look at. Its good you mentioned gran tierra as it something we as PTA shareholders can compare ourselves with, and give another avenue of valuation for our investments.  I believe once CPO LM7 and LC1 .. balay as well, have been fully tested and announced, we likely are in for a significant jump in the PTA production potential going forward. have a nice day.