EOM. Theres a large batch of warrants that have already expired.

Go through the latest financials and the company breaks down exercise price

AND expiry date. Any warrants converted are generally done once the price

of a company's shares are a decent percentage in excess of the exercise price.

I dont believe all the warrants on the books will be exercised, assuming we

get a bid before year end 2013. Attached is the following warrants and options

that I retrieved from the latest set of financials, some on sedar have already expired.

Calling a spade a spade, it would appear 145 M could be exercised if we reached higher

prices, some even at todays prices. With any dilution, cash would flow back into the company,

for reinvestment, dilution would affect net asset value per share, as the addition shares would

have to be offset to a reasonable degree by the cash the company receives for the warrant

exercise.. I believe the 180 M may not be exercised until the company achieves a significant

event, Ie. a possible takeover bid at the minimum 3rd or 4th quarter 2013.


Options on books... 47.7 M at 32 cents.

Warrants...              79 M  at   35  cents, May 2014

                               180 M at 75 cents Oct  2014

                                28 M at  1.25 dollars November  2014 

                                35 M at  20 cents  2015