Sorry rapid_fire, I missed this post. No, I'm not shorting PTA - why do you ask?

You should buy more stock in PTA. I encourage you to. My opinion isn't to sell PTA - and I'm a little confused where you get that from. You guys have me made out to be some sort of bogeyman here, and it's amusing because I think you are getting a little too emotional about PTA.

Do I think there will be acquisitions in 2013? Sure. Is PTA a target? At this point, it's not getting much attention, but who knows what will happen. PTA doesn't need to crak 10K for me to think it's a buyout target. No one will buy it unless they know what they're getting. Who wants to buy a company with 10K bopd without a hint of what the reserves are like? No one will touch this company until the fundamentals are determined. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying. The reserves are probably pretty good, but no one knows for sure and I hestitate to agree with your opinion that 80 cents is close.

I would advise against judging people or making assumptions about their intentions. It doesn't add anything to the conversation.