My questions still stand - there is nothing - zero, zilch, nadda, zippo, in the presentations nor on SEDAR that fill in the missing puzzle pieces. The company can tell you what it thinks its production, and it's potential, and it's land holdings are worth, but the market will tell you the truth. Without knowing anything about the reserves, you can only speculate on the SP. I know enough about this company to be bullish on it. I'm invested because I like what I see, and I feel the SP is where I expect it to be (not where I want it to be) given current market conditions. People need to temper their expectations a wee bit - this isn't hitting 80 for a while, especially when we can't break 40 cents on 5k bopd with another possibly great well at total depth with the results presumably in the hopper. PTA is transitioning from explorer to producer, and sometimes (more often than not) people tend to get very excitable in the early days of drilling success.