being Friday ...mid day eastern time should see some big blocks roll in for the bid . BMO is buying more I see .   for some reason this company is being controlled at .30 cents ...but not for long positive well will break us out of the .30's  ...into the .40's  ...and so on goes pta . the street likes us and our very positive track record and larger firms are starting to notice and placing hedge bids on us ...2013 will be very interesting . 

IMHO we should close in the .40-.45 cent range by year end - 2012  ....right in the middle of tax loss selling.

PTA is a very bright spot on a lack -luster board .... thanks to our management team !!!

the blocks in Columbia have just been handed out ...wonder if we will see some plays with smaller firms ? hmmmm .

its just a matter of time guys before a very large  firm tries a run at us ...we have to be ready for this .... early in  2013 , I would say we would have to fend off our first attack .50/share offers would be insulting . I hope our new M&A guy with PTA is listening !!!