LM with LM 6 and disposal i think completes that area.... I believe there is another area close to LM that could fit 3 or 4 more possible well sites... (this is just my extrapolation along with some others ideas as well). So that is UPSIDE for me... LC. is big, as now there are appraisal/offset wells to be drilled, likely 3 to 5 maybe a little more, I would guess that to be dependent on success. I dont see balay as huge, its positive but WI is relatively low compared to the rest.. CPO, is a good UPSIDE as well, but we wont know what its potential would be until first well done early 2013.... ROLLBACK.. lol.. in this case probably positive... then investors would have option to MARGIN rather that go to warrants... Both involved higher risk to me, than just owning the stock outright. But I dont at all believe in the general negativity one associates with standard RBACK. This company has a big market cap... why not bring in more sophisticated investors with higher share price, but thats hypothetical.