Geezzzzz  now you tell me... fancy law schools and education dont work  ..... well thats great winter !!!  ... 7 years down the drain for me  ... and i cant even spell !!! but looking back I had a blast at the campus pub nights - never missed one ... learned allot there  LOL !!  

Winter - careful with your plans and always get feedback from different people in the industry your own DD , and re-think your plans always  . your going to be sitting on a pile of potential cash soon (rough est . I think your about 500k + @ .30-.35 cents per wt. in profit , @ a share trade price of .70-.75 cents ) in Warrants.   PTA is no lottery... its a good little oil producer, excellent managers ,  thats getting big flow results one after the next !!   .. so just be  very careful  my friend and get good advise ... I do !!!