Does anyone remember the total depth balay-4 was supposed to be drilled to?  As of nov 13th we were at 8567 ft.

Also I received an email back from Colin.  Apparently the only reason CPO-1 is currently delayed is because even though the judicial strike was resolved by the government, a specific faction of judges is refusing to go back to work and is ignoring the agreement.  The government is saying their actions are illegal, and like I said most of the judges in the country have already gone back to work.  So i'm sure it will be resolved soon.  PTA will obviously have to wait in line, but with PRE having interest in this well I am sure the case will sneak to the top of the pile ;).  Patience is the key so don't look at this as negative news, especially with lots of other positive news around.

ANH approval for the added 15% working interest in El Eden should be in soon as well.  It was already filed a while ago, and PTA has been in contact with the ANH and it looks as if it is going through.  ANH just has to finalize the paperwork.

I'm sure we'll also have exciting news ahead with Casona-1 test results, and Q3.