Good find A4.  This gives us a very good insight into what PTA would be worth in a take over if it happened today  comparing apples to apples:

CZE = $8.97 SP

PTA = $.31 SP

CZE = 63,842,518 SO

PTA = 578,331,594 SO

factor = 9.06

CZE = 11,424 BOPD

PTA = 5,000 BOPD approx. (includes LC-1)

factor = 2.28

If my math is correct ,if we had the same number of SO today we would be trading at $2.81. You divide their present SO by 2.28 you get $.3.93.  That is approx. a 28% premium to what we are trading at. That would put us at $.395.

I know this is crude math and there are many other factors involved in assessing share value but I think it gives a bit of an insight into shat PTA