Rapid Fire, I see this PTA emerging as CNE pnce did  when it was in it's infancy stages.  CNE was in the teens for the longest time (and Patagonia can agree with me here on this comment) then it slowly inched its way into the 20's then over time it was in the 30's and sat in the .30 - .34 range for months before making its move to the 70's.  With PTA, it's acting in  a very similar manner....next quiet move will be in the mid 30's which will be between now and late next week.  Probably a minor NR prior to the long weekend.  Afterwards, a much more significant news with tangible results that will be ideal for the Santa Run....should move PTA into the 45 plus range!  So, I'm calling for PTA to be in the mid 40's minimum come exit 2012!!