You obviously know nothing of completing and producing a well and are focused on the wrong specifics of the NR. Much of the gas that was produced in the DST (drill stem test) will be that of solution gas. They will not restrict the gas flow as that will also restrict the oil rate. Production 101. 


Two main things to take out of the release would be:

1) The rates that were seen over the 8.5hr test were seen despite having 3000psi on the wellhead. What that means is that the well's natural flow had to fight and overcome that WH pressure to flow and that is a lot of pressure. If the formation can overcome that kind of pressure and still flow at those rates it must have incredible vergin reservoir pressure! Flow rate is a direct result of differential pressure between the formation and Wellhead/gathering system.  If you can increase that differential (I.e lower the wellhead pressure) your flow rate will increase. I don't know how their gathering system is set up but I'm guessing that they'll be able to honk on her at a wellhead pressure far below 3000psi! And if not, we'll then we'll see a fairly stable and shallow rate decline. All good things. You may be correct on the 2500 per day but it will not be from shutting off the gas with your packers.


2) it was only an 8.5hr flow test. Not near long enought to get stabilized rates to paint an accurate picture of the complete deliverability of the well. Non the less, I'll take 1200bbl per day at 3000 psi on the WH even if it was only for 8.5 hours. 


One other thing. The choke is placed in the testing system to achieve a stabilized flow rate which makes testing and the evaluation of that testing more accurate and complete.