LM3 tested 1600 - 1700 barrels from 14 foot perf section, LM4 test about the same with 12 feet of perf, very nice that LM5 is testing 3700 from 6 feet of perfs under natural flow. LM6 to start after production work concluded on LM 5.

I like that they are drilling 7 as appraisel or possible water disposal, if it becomes appraisel we get more oil, if its a dud it will be water disposal and no negative backlash on SP as it is already been said it may be disposal.

Also nice is possible 4 or 5 wells after LM6, so 3 or 4 after LM7

LC-1 still in testing phase, so we should see NR on that soon hopefully

Things are looking better every day for a big exit for 2012