I've been an investor in this company for 3+ years ... one thing they have is great oil blocks,solid farm in deals , great management ... and they always under promise and over deliver ....

they always do 3d's on all there properties .expensive ,but they know what they are dealing with before the drill bit hits the dirt .  

my calculations say we are at about 4500+ boed now for flow , at Brent prices . and the best properties are yet to come next year ...what a ride !!! 

it was lonely buying PTA stock when they were a pure exploration company ...they kept on buying farm in's ...blocks of property and so on - thought it would never end !!! ....once they started drilling , the magic started .... I knew right away - good oil men are running this company.

whats next ?? when we are over 1.00+ likely PRE or PXT ( we are close, and do deals with both!!) will take us out , or merger ....but before this we are going to have the ride of our life !!!