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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PetroAmerica(PTA, PTAXF) - Moving Up
...Aug 31, 3011 seems tobe moving a bit upwards...
Goombarh Flash 30,  August 25, 2011
Bottom Fishing - Draggedup a Billion Share PetroAmerica (PTA, PTAXF)
Good Day,
Just too lazy to build the good case forinvestment by myself.  However, here inthese write-ups in the Spring of this year, pumping the PetroAmerica stock, onegets a sense of the company:
Ahead of the Herd - ColumbianOil:
James West in the Midas Letter:
An article by exclusiveReports:
Short Article in Resource Investor
And a capsule summary of what's happeningrecently:
PetroamericaOil Corp. (PTA-X0.140.0053.57%) hasmoved away from a year low of 12 cents on news it has received $2.8-million inoil revenue during the first six months of 2011 from its 15 per cent workinginterest in the Balay discovery of the LLanos Basin in Columbia. Since beginninglong-term testing of the Balay discovery in July 2010, more than 420,000 barrelsof oil with an average price of $105.91 a barrel and a per-barrel netback of$65.48. Two new test wells were started on long-term testing during the pastweek, producing a collective 6,561 barrels per day with negligible water underelectro-submersible pump. The oil is being trucked by road although Petroamericaand its partners are now evaluating the logistics needed to transport thosequantities of oil.
Link to their corporate presentation:  http://www.petroamericaoilcorp.com/main/includes/media/pdf/2011-06-15_PTA%20Presentation.pdf