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Petroamerica Oil Corp V.PTA

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): V.PTA.WT|V.PTA.WT.B

Petroamerica Oil Corp is engaged in the exploration, production and development of hydrocarbons in Colombia.
Price: $0.295 | Change: +$0.02 | % Change: +7.27%
Volume: 1.2m | Day High/Low: 0.295/0.285 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.375/0.205

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Re:Re:Re:Re: thedave2005

Dave,   Dave,     Dave's not here.  rate and reply
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Re:Re:Re: thedave2005

Thanks man, i'll be here all week.  rate and reply
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RE:Re: thedave2005

You win the post of the day.... That made me crack a big smile. I wouldn't mind dave spamming if he had something to say and was actually invested. But lets face it he just likes to post. * Always...read more
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Re: thedave2005

Thanks for proving my point, which is Dave is full of SHITE. Dillussional,certifiable like his pal Winter. C'mon boys your falling behind, just talked to the company. Cash on hand $125,000,000 and...read more
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If Parex Issued 20+Million Shares They Could Buyout PTA.v

.  rate and reply
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PetroAmerica 6,500 Q1/ 2014 Great Cash BuildUp PTA.v

PetroAmerica Oil Production Q1 /2014 Near 6,500 Barrels Light High NetBack Oil Daily! First quarter production levels remain strong with total company working interest production averaging 6,497...read more
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the Dave2005

You have been posting the same B.S. for weeks already. Unless you can confirm your unrelenting posting of complete garbage, please do us all a favour and S.T.F.U. I talk to the company quite often...read more
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Parex To Buyout PetroAmerica? Parex Easy Buyout PTA

Parex Is taking PetroAmerica 50% at a Time.  Parex $10.20 Per Share PTA @.29  Parex Gets Stronger Daily, thus The Buyout of LM Oil Field from PetroAmerica More And More Likely Now. LM 50/50 Soon 100...read more
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PetroAmerica Happy To Give Up 50% Block. Buyout Coming

PetroAmerica ...Business Development and Strengthening Balance Sheet  The Company is pleased to announce that it has farmed out a 50% working interest to Parex Resources Colombia Ltd. Surcusal...read more
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PTA = $110,000,000 Cash PetroAmerica Up 7.5% Today!

.PetroAmerica Cash at $110,000,000 Today  Cash was Jan $79M. March 1/ $95 M Now April 15 $110 Million Cash  warrants @ .35 May 9 last day.  PetroAmerica Up 7.5% Today Very Nice Day PTA.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Parex $10.20 Can Buyout Partner PetroAmerica @.28 PTA

PetroAmerica had a great day UP 7.5%  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Still waiting for news on reserve report..

Issuing shares for an acquisition in the high 30s is fine assuming NAV or IRR is quite favorable. It is just that I am not so sure there are a multitude of cheap high IRR projects up for offer in...read more
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RE:Still waiting for news on reserve report..

Management is not stupid and certainly aren't going to do an equity financing with their stock at current levels. I'm expecting something in the 20 - 60 mil range. Even for 50 - 60 mil they might hold...read more
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RE:Hopefully not a dumb question, but...

Insider trade report, I believe previously mentioned, 10th day of the folowing month is a deadline.. as far as I could ascertain.. House 33 has been deemed the house to purchase any shares, required...read more
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Hopefully not a dumb question, but...

...how can you tell if the company is executing trades for the share buyback?  rate and reply
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Where did all the stock go?

News, perhaps, my guess before Friday, no real reason why it shouldnt, but who knows.. dont see any shares on buyback yet, so thats definitely something that surprises me.. Im quite interested in the...read more
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Interesting Close

Today should provide us with an interesting close.  I get the feeling the reserve report is today if not tomorrow.  I think we will be pleasantly surpised with the #'s from El Eden and El Porton.  rate and reply
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Still waiting for news on reserve report..

To check on my own estimate... Just trying to understand why  no buyback as of yet.. Price to me was right... I dont see any reason for no buyback due to blackout on news... I suspect now we may just...read more
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Re: Company headed in the right direction

Winter, one word to describe you !!! Dillusional !!! A few months ago you posted nothing but negative comments regarding the company and manegement. Today everything is great, and we will see 15,000...read more
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company is headed on the right road

Was doing an overview of the firm. - Generating a strong 6400+ netting approx. $500k/day Cashflow.. - Smart move to buy back 10% Float.. - They hold great assets to drill - Extra cash they need to...read more