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Pinecrest Energy Inc V.PRY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s):  PNCGF

Pinecrest Energy, Inc is a petroleum and natural gas exploration, production and development company, with operations in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Price: $0.095 | Change: +$0.01 | %Change: +11.76%
Volume: 299,497 | Day High/Low: 0.095/0.09 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.70/0.085

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5 stars

RE:I'M in

i think we've hit a floor and the trading is turning positve: Recent Trades - Last 10 of 60 Time ET Ex Price Change Volume...read more
5 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the insider...

I hope you are wrong. the value is much higher.  rate and reply
0 stars

catalac, you fool, mr Even Steven, lol

You still here? After I exposed your lies. You are "even steven" huh? LOL. Anyway now you pump the nav? The nav they wrote down by about $1 a share last year? It is now 80 cents or so, that could go...read more
0 stars

dumb bor pumper

You moron their reserves are one thousands of what you pump...lol. They are not 1 billion, that figure is 1 million. Are you stockwrestler? You fool. They let anyone have a blog, no matter how stupid....read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the insider...

Not going to delist, still has a decent nav relative to stock price and is cash flowing on 2000boe.  rate and reply
3 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the insider...

Personally bonjovi, i wish i could share your enthusiasm, but unfortunately i think every penny is lost here if (when) we de-list off the venture exchange. Its a matter of time before the exchnage...read more
5 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the insider...

This might a good double soon as we will be bought out. I said several months back that we would sell for about .17 as I have seen this before with an identical company a few years back. It went to...read more
0 stars

Wcw douchet

Calm down big fella and re-douche your boyfriend  rate and reply
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hey catalac liar...lol

So you buy at $3.50, buy heavy at $2.50....admit a year later you have a huge hit to your small net worth.....you still hold today at 8 cents. yet you have the nerve to tell us you are even on the...read more
0 stars

That was fun catalc liar

You say you are even...lo Your magic shares? Your own posts tell a different story. From buying, holding and losing. Seems you admit buying at $3.50ish, holding till today according to your own posts....read more
0 stars

Wow catalac liar

You have been exposed as a liar. Now tell us all how you are even...lol. Just tell us again, care to dispute your own posts...lol. Another pry loser, idiot and liar. So many loser liars here...read more
0 stars

Catalac liar still holding, Jan 14 2014, loser...lol

:RE:RE:RE:RE:can somebody explain insider buying Man this sucks, I've never been dupped this bad before. Lot of money gone.  rate and reply
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Ap 29 2013 and still holding! Catalac the liar

RE: Something is up!.............................. Something's down too, like my net worth being stuck with this pig over the last year.  rate and reply
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Catalac may 16 2012, heavy buyer! LOL

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: good quarter 2.38 is still ok if imo you are ok with holding for a while, I bought heavy today under 2 and still feel a sector drag, not just pry this co is my #1 junior but at...read more
0 stars

Catalac, april 10 2012, owner! LOL

Buyers step up. Wow great day to buy I, got in at 2.32 today. Tough day for the sector, tol my other baby in the toilet too.Will have to wait some time now but when these guys are pumping 7000 barrels...read more
0 stars

Mar 2012, your first post catalac liar...lol

RE: Report.... No need to be a hater pal, go invest somewhere else if you figure these guys are not going the right direction. Solid company solid sp and 4 bucks a slam dunk IMO within 1 year.  rate and reply
0 stars

catalac you liar

Telling us you are even...lol. You have been here a long while owning this much higher up. Yet you want to say you are even? The stock has gone straight down but you are even...lol. Man what a fool...read more
1 star

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the insider...

Catalac, I know the feeling. This has been a tough one to watch. I want to see if Pinecrest can weather the storm next week after the delisting from the venture board. If we ever needed good news it's...read more
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:the insider...

Bhb you are probably right, ive thrown in several times and still haven't netted out the a nickel, I think I'm even at best.  rate and reply
0 stars

stockwrestler is a fraud, an idiot and liar, lol

You don't have me on ignore, I saw that last week when you responded to me you fool...lol. Besides that you are an idiot...lol Not knowing millions from billions...that little argument showed how...read more