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Pinecrest Energy Inc V.PRY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): PNCGF

Pinecrest Energy, Inc is a petroleum and natural gas exploration, production and development company, with operations in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Price: $0.17 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 484,263 | Day High/Low: 0.18/0.16 | 52 Week High/Low: 1.07/0.135

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4 stars

RE:RE:So obvious

bargnhillbilly wrote: WCW, I have said it before. This company needs help! That would be an under statement!  rate and reply
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debt not dropping?

In the presentation they project q1 exit debt of $120 million. Not drilling to pay down debt? It sure likes the debt isn't going down much. They have reached the point where 2000 bopd, achieved thru...read more
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|If you look at the 3 water flood charts, the question is, do you see a rapid decline in oil production in the last 6 months, on two of the graphs? If you do, enough said. If you do not see it, sorry...read more
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RE:So obvious

WCW, I have said it before. This company needs help! Either by consulting with somebody good on drilling and FRACKING for instance. A J/V with someone to spread the costs and maybe buy this thing. I...read more
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WCW, First of all I hope I won't be a crucified. On the homepage I looked at the graphs and it looked liked the graphs were higher than expectations. I'm fine with facts. I said a few weeks ago I was...read more
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Wcw douchet has been selected as your new name

I know you regret your 2.80-3.13 bag positions . But  I have been informed by my fellow posters that you averaged down every 10 cents .  I now know why you are so angry... Maybe more douching will...read more
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Let's review, shall we?

The company has spent hundreds of millions on wells. The wells declined at 70%. They ran the debt to over $120 million and production is only 2100 bopd. That production in not enough to back $120...read more
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waterfloods suck

As per the updated presentation the waterfloods look terrible. Two of them show a rapid and worrisome decline in oil production. The charts show the company increasing water injection in an attempt to...read more
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LOL, runnin' scared

So y'all think I got you runnin' scared? Ya won't post 'cause I might respond and make you look the fool. True. When someone responds negatively to my negative, yet factual posts, and it is obvious...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Wcw has confused water flooding with douching his boyfriends

Doork sorry for stealing your headline it describes wcwyamgobbler so well though. Check todays posts no one came on board because wcwloser was only bashing and giving nothing new. and he says we don't...read more
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RE:RE:Wcw has confused water flooding with douching his boyfriends

HAHAHA that's very funny you have no idea how the board works. If you did you would like opinions flow with out bashing everyone loser. How did a US loser end up in ardrie.  rate and reply
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This is a board to discuss and or diss pry. It is not here for a child to post a music link. Nothin against Bob Seger. I went to school near Detroit and Bob and his band were the bomb.Until he went...read more
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RE:Ha Ha - If my wife only knew

Keep up the good posts. They sure are more entertaining then what wcwyamgobbler posts. I really enjoyed Nazareth haven't heard that in a long time  rate and reply
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STOCKIDIOT100 wrote:   rate and reply
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RE:So obvious

WHAT'S OBVIOUS is how much money you have lost. Why else would you spend your day bashing posters. You really are a SAD little boy!  rate and reply
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So obvious

The company is betting its future on waterfloods. They simply cannot afford to drill new wells and fight the decline rate. From the presentation they show 3 waterfloods...the results are poor. Two of...read more
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RE:Wcw has confused water flooding with douching his boyfriends

Your right but he keeps saying he is an expert...LOL.  rate and reply
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Well said.. Everyone gets it but wcwloser that is why he lashes out.  rate and reply
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Now, now gamblifool

You can't have a great portfolio. You have shown how dumb you are here. Hard to believe you ever owned a winner. I mean, every post you make is just so wrong...LOL. You really know nothing yet you...read more
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PRY isn't broke yet. I think you'll have some opportunities to trade/get out. Rumours might fly, Wade might start buying. You gotta admit PRY is at least more entertaining to watch than COS. I'm...read more