Very nice summary of the geology @ Borden.

Your post says: "So to recap...there are 2 missing pieces I am most interested in:

1- Getting the claims they are missing around the lake, and

2- Demonstrating that the high grade (>3g/t over 30 meter) continues underneath the lake."

I would agree with both counts. The patented claims around the lake is mysterious. Presumably, this is part of the lands that was set aside for the forest industry which is now non-active. Dave in his Hong Kong presentation mentioned that the town of Chapleau needs new exitement... hence very supportive of PRB activities. Question is who has the control of the two pieces of land, one is nicke-named the "wedge" and the other just accross the channel before hitting PRB claim again. These two pieces are located near "The Narrows" (Chapleau Fishing Lodge has a map of BL). With these claims PRB would be have enough elbow room to extend the drilling beyond hole 156.

Dave has said, the "main gold zone", the yellow strip on PRB map, could be the tail end of the high grade deposit. I would paraphrase that to describe the main gold zone as the trunk of an elephant with the body hidden somewhere under the lake.

There are a couple of islands on the east side of The Narrows. If I were Dave I would put a drill or two on the island (or on ice, if thick enough) to see what's under the lake which is not that deep. I may be wrong on this, but I would venture, from the drill results we have seen so far, that the deposit would be about 200m +/- below the bottom of the lake. If the grade is decent enough BL could become a hybrid operation, open-pit plus underground/lake.