Presentation by David Palmer at the Precious-metals-summit-conferencesand what a great presentation it's been; I would think that everyone who attended the conference and listened to him would be curious to find out more about Probe to say the least. . One thing I liked in particular was him comparing Probe with peers throughout the presentation several times and each time Probe would look great/better/best in terms of financing, grades, capex, etc... Well done David getting the story out!!!


(Just a few) Highlights are:

- Borden Gold last step 51 metres averaging over 10 gr. p/t, which is an exceptional grade for any goldcamp anywhere

- 35 Million in treasury (adding probably another 16 M. when in the money warrants expire in April)

- Probe will NOT have to go back to the markets in 2013 and 2014. Palmer mentioned this a few times; he stressed that Probe have enough money to easily see them through the pre-feasibility stage and possibly the feasibility stage as well. Quote: "No dilutive events in the foreseeable future".

- Corporate expansion: newly appointed board members provide Probe with great political connections in Ontario which is good for applications etc.

- 8 analysts covering Probe have all increased price target

- Shares: 50 institutional, 45% retail, 5% management

- Probe moving from exploration to developing company

- PEA end of March

- Potential for more than 1 new deposit; 70 kilometres have not been explored and it may hold new mining camps.

- Borden Gold still open in all directions

- Dramatic positive change from inferred to at present 85% indicated

- Capex less than 500 M. (which is very achievable for current markets)

- Black Creek chrome worth 100 M. may be monetized to invest money in Borden Gold Project

- Drilling suggests higher grades still to come in the South East zone. If so, it could be another game changer for Probe.

-2013 Drill Program of 80,000 metres!!!


Upcoming Milestones:


- PEA (end of March 2013)

- Property Acquisition (Q1-2013)

- Ongoing Advanced Metallurgy (Q1-2013)

- Continued infill and expansion of the resource (focusing on higher grades) (2013)

- regional exploration (2013)

- lots of news in 2013

- lots of potential for new discoveries

- enough money for the upcoming events in 2013 and 2014 / NO Dillutive activity in the foreseeable future

(David Palmer: Presentation on Youtube)

(PDF PP-presentation)