All about Size, Grade and Location for any Miner!

"The Grade at Borden on the Pit Constrained Resource, those mineable ounces in the true open pit shell from surface, should not be an issue to potential investors nor the market which undervalues this stock"

So why does the market still undervalue Borden at $22.32/oz for the Pit Constrained mineable resource?... Zero $’s for BC, $32M cash.

The important Metrics, Size, Grade and Location seem all but resolved to this Investor, though not officially until PEA. Grade was always questionable in the Market and with Analysts, and still seems to be the issue holding back the rise in Probes valuation. Why?

Grade has always been the issue for this stock being undervalued in the market. Now Dave has vastly improved upon grade, reducing the focus to the Pit Constrained Resource shell, those ounces Gold that will be extremely economical to mine. Now our Pit Grade is higher than the average mine in production and under development at 1.02 g/t, with a much higher graded core at 1.64 g/t. Seems to be a win, win situation now!

So why a MCap of $128M, on 66M o/s shares with SP $1.94, less $32M cash, amounts to a Borden Value of just only $96M?

Size – now 4.3 Moz was never an issue, as a planned 200 Koz/yr operation, 15-20KT/day would provide for a conceivable minelife just for this planned Pit of 20 years.(there may be other Pits and there also maybe the option to go Underground in future years)

Location – not in question in this politically stable jurisdiction with local native support, near Chapleau and very close to all infrastructure needs.

The Market imo will soon value Borden in the near future at near $75/oz for the 4.3 Moz “Pit Constrained” Resource or a Hunter will. When is the only question.

(4.3 x 75 = $322.5M Borden Open Pit Value plus todays $32M cash, supports an o/s SP $5.37)

The PEA will further deleverage the perceived Risk of Borden, in this skittish market.

Cheers, Mark