I do believe there are alot of thing sto be confident about here, irregardless of short term activity.   As much as some people here want to suggest that Dave is incompetent, I would suggest that he is simply holding his cards close.  I think he learned a few things from this past march with regards to flow thru and trading activity.  be careful who you get in bed with.   There are so many things to be confident about.  This is a strongly held retail play by tight fisted shareholders who have been aboard for a long time.  I don't think the short term speculative traders will have an effect over the long term.  This is a bit different than most juniors.  Well capitalized, not many shares to go around even with pinetree hitting the anonymous trades (as well as BMO), well run with a guy (Palmer) who cares little about fanfare that some think should be done, a guy that really cares about proving up resource in a ever expanding zone... if you are patient you will be rewarded.


As far as options... I would think one has to be smart with ISO's so you don't trigger things like AMT or phantom income on shares that are exercised but not sold.  Now the insiders have until the end of the year to have a strategy with open ended excercising - it can be a tax nightmare so you may see them sell to get rid of the AMT monkey.   Now we have ALOT of warrants coming due (in and out of the money) so things may be all over the place thru April... but it will be increasingly more difficult for manipulation going forward irregardless of what spacechump says.  Trade the corridor - go ahead - but in a stock like this driven by Palmer I would want to stay in until all the 'farming' he's doing comes out over the next few months.  I believe longs will be rewarded here for a 1000 reasons we don't need to get into.  PRB is a very different animal compared to it's peer group and suitors are calling and will continue to call.  I actually see one now climbing up the trellis, knocking on Dave's window.   Okay space dueche back to your hee haw and chest beating.  Because we all know you can't beat your chest hard enough.  We'll see where we are by summer.