Well, good release nice to see the grades come up.  The constrained pit and other resource rates in grams per ton are more related to the upcoming PEA.  The easier you make it to mine a decent grade, the lower your capex and lower your opex....( the intense infill drilling assisted with existing resource ).   In this case most of the drilling hi-lited imrpoved grades and added some to total resource.

Good upgrades from the analysts....where else you going to put your money ?

So a small mill 15,000 ton per day ( a cookie cutter by engineering standards ) would be easyto fund and build.  We'll have to look at the PEA.  450 - 500 unces per day ....should be good.....175,000 ounce per year for 25 years...thats about right for starters....

To bad the markets are so "fickle" these days.

In the meantime.....( sung to the tune of rawhide )

Keep tham drillers drillin

Drillin, drillin, drillin...rawhide

do do do

do do do

Long and Strong....