Don't think so!!!

Some at the other side keep complaining about Dave Palmer and the lowball way of writing this latest NR by repeating the 22M figure, reporting only a new pit constrained resource of 3.6 MM oz. or stepout holes not proving enough of an increase in the resource update et cetera....

Dave Palmer NEVER boasted increases he could not live up to and all previous News Releases (and estimates) have ALWAYS been conservative.

So far happy investors' consensus has been that he'd been playing low to buy more property while the SP remained relatively low and I can not think of a reason why things have changed. There may be more land for Probe to want to lay their hands on, their may be more deals to negotiate before we the SP appreciates too much.

I have great faith in this man as he seems to be really the best caretaker of his own interest and this best serves my interest as well!

Sell if you like today, it would be a mistake!





or Dave has done a great job at BLGP, but The Street doesn't like The Message - as ThisTime correctly points out, the new global resource is 6.4MM oz, yet the headline in the Northern Miner and elsewhere will report a new pit constrained resource of 3.6 MM oz, because that's what's been reported today, so we were sold off.