Yesterday, I sent away an enquiry to the CEO of the commapany using the contact e-mail provided on their website with a few questions, all deal with the location of their new Borden Lake  holdings, but two times (the second time was to make sure) the message did not go through (reason given: their server did not accept in-coming e-mails).

Has anyone has the same experience, or was it just me?

Since it is not convenient for me to make a long distance phone call (too far from NIK HQs), would it be possible for some of you in the Vancouver neighbouhood to give NIK CEO (Dr. Roger Moss) a stir?

If an e-mail address is given out for investors or potential investors to make contact, then the e-mail must be in working order, or the company would project a not-so-good image.

Let's get the info from the horse's mouth, rather than wondering and speculating.