No way that Probe will ever get $13 million for the chromite! Tarquin4 is right; development of The Ring of Fire deposits won't start in 2015. Half a year ago most companies actively engaged in this process were still hoping for a substantial contribution with regards to infrastructure by the Canadian government. As this won't happen in the near future it's highly unlikely that Cliffs will go it alone. (and so far the Chinese haven't shown any interest in the ROF either)

Take a look at the shareprice depreciation of these Ring of Fire companies: UC Resources, Noront, Fancamp, Macdonald Mines, KWG.... the list is endless and they are all trading at ALL TIME LOWS. Most of these companies rely solely on the R.O.F. and get therefore hit hard. We should be very grateful that Dave Palmer has found a way out of the hornett's nest. 

I am Dutch and today is the first time in over a month that I can trade PRB again. Here's to hoping that Palmer has been thinking about his foureign investors when witholding the upcoming due PR's. Let's hope that yesterday's good news is the start of a series......


Good luck to all longs,