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Re: short postion

in response to short postion by bushmills
posted on Nov 21, 12 01:50PM

An increasing short position within an improving fundamental and technical condition only makes the shares stronger. The shorters feel that Probe is over-priced and is due for a fall based, to their minds, on public participation. Although public participation is noted, it is suspected the funds are much bigger buyers adding to their positions. The conditions in the general markets of gold and the pm shares don't support that much public participation. Just look at the about face the pm indexes have taken recently in favor of gold for the short term.

These shorts are trying to pick a top when, to my thinking, they are just throwing darts at a board in the night. Smart shorting takes place on subsequent rallies within a broad declining bear market. Probe reconfirmed its present bull market when it smartly rallied off its 1000 day average some weeks ago at $0.93.

What these folks forget is that Dave watched them crucify our shares and he is the orchestrator now with a pile of pending positive news just waiting to be released that will burn these guys badly and without notice. If I wanted a disturbed night's sleep, shorting PRB would certainly do the trick.

A note: just because you have money or credit to short or just do naked shorts, this doesn't make you smart. Our group is much better informed not to ever short thanks to many smart informative contributors.

Happy Thanksgiving in the states to all the forum members and their families.