Not too surprising to find another student of Don Coxe on the PPI board.

Have been reading him for decades... literally.

Too bad he's written his last Basic Points "The Final Problem" , however in it he states:

"It has been our case since 2007 that investing in the leading and emerging

agricultural input companies with strong management, technology, vision

and distribution is to be participating in one of the most momentous aspects

of human progress—profitably, and at low risk.

We stick by that forecast."


Not that PPI has yet demonstrated many of the above qualities, but the cards continue to align.  


Basic Points, once a monthly publication  with a Bond trader focus only, is one of the few that have continued to recommend an ever increasing exposure to Gold in a balanced portfolio - and the last issue another 1% increase was recommended, but that's not a topic for a bunch of POTash heads.:) 


Happy 2013 to all. 

For anyone with  a North American - focused equity exposure portfolio, I'm certain we'll be on the same page and welcomming a new investment year of opportunity ahead - while tipping out hat to the investment year that was  ( or in many cases that wasn't)