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Passport Potash Inc V.PPI

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  PPRTF

Passport Potash Inc is an exploration stage company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resource properties in Canada.
Price: $0.035 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 77,117 | Day High/Low: 0.035/0.035 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.22/0.035

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RE:fyi - Potash sentiment.

Last month I attended a wedding and I sat at the table with the electrical staff who used to work at Jansen project. I said Jansen is stopped now?  No they said. There's people working there on the...read more
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baseball..one too many to the head

and back again along with the tfc "john"....now all we need is gunz and the aussie crew and their pumping of the water well announcement from so long ago.....they made money? Hilarious... 1.87 DOWN...read more
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fyi - Potash sentiment.

http://resourceinvestingnews.com/74826-potash-prices-still-sluggish-affecting-potential-jansen-partnerships-bhp.html  rate and reply
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RE:How's the spa coming?

Made lots on this one back in the day. lol  rate and reply
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Still here I see! Hope all is well.   Hopefully next year a recovery.  rate and reply
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Said this before, but it needs to be repeated...Put a fork in this one....cause it's 'done'.....  rate and reply
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I believed that potash has been out of flavor for the past

38 months, Kapboy.  Furthermore, I'll add that graphite might be done as well.  rate and reply
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PPI continues to push the project....albeit

at a pace that is slower than I would like. HOWEVER the project is going forward. Currently potash is out favour, but this too will change. People still have to eat! We will have to be patient a bit...read more
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RE:Hard to believe that past posters

don't forget the greatest fool hardy saying on the forums by all the riftraft pranksters hiding behind faceless ids...... bashers do not bash bad stocks. lol. get real. stay in your reality an don't...read more
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eggs, salami and tfc the "john"...

fits well with this stock as he "averaged" DOWNNNN..... Bitter tfcisky , gunz and the aussies ...hilarious....No doubt the spa will help here and the money will be made when it hits $1.50 LOL.....  rate and reply
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RE:No wonder your're a "john"

Salami bitter? You must be a stooge! No really you must be! I bought small blocks back years ago but I can tell you I have bought more at these times than I did when it was at other prices! So at the...read more
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No wonder your're a "john"

And so bitter. Averaging down and now after that devastating rollback and all those shares you bought so long ago....and pumped and pumped and attacked....and pumped, you need to get this tp about a...read more
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RE:How's the spa coming?

Hey SALAMI who are you? or which username were you before? OR how many usernames have you been through? Because I don't remember you one bit! then again you are not that important SALAMI! PUMP? no I...read more
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How's the spa coming?

Remember the release about drilling a well...LOL...and the pumpers reporting that it was wonderful.... Anything from tfc the "john" and the baseball guy who took one too many to the head? Anything...read more
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Thanks IFY...

... for all the DD that you do and post! This is what BB's are all about and is a welcome relief from the meaningless rhetorical dribble that consumes these boards at times. FWIW, could be some good...read more
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Buys ...22 Fidelity very Nice!!

Recent Trades - Last 10 of 14 Time ET Ex Price Change Volume Buyer Seller Markers 15:47:56 V 0...read more
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fwiw - Global Pursuits - Gov. Jan Brewer

http://www.phoenixmag.com/Valley-News/global-pursuits.html  rate and reply
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President Shelly cites advances in education in State of Nat

President Shelly cites advances in education in State of Nation address                                       http://www.navajohopiobserver.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=16324&TM...read more
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Passport Potash’s Holbrook project may contain over two bill

Passport Potash’s Holbrook project may contain over two billion tons of potash - See more at: http://investorintel.com/potash-phosphate-intel/passport-potashs-holbrook-project-may-contain-two-billion...read more
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Good work on  finding  these little  nuggets  of  info. The  agreement  with the Hopis'  looms  a  little  larger  today!  Maybe,  just  maybe,  it  might  make    this  project more  doable and...read more