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Pacific Potash (PP on the TSX-V)


I’ve had some people tell me that potash is over and wondering why I could really like a potash company. Well, I like potash in Brazil. On a macro level, consider these points:



- Brazil imports 80% of their potash

- Business and government are on-side re making Brazil net-exporters – not importers, of potash.

- In-country production is much more cost-effective for Brazil.

- The infrastructure is all there.






This December 13 takeover agreement of a small-cap Brazil fertilizer play (potash and phosphate) bodes very, very well for Pacific Potash - a small-cap Brazil (their best property) potash play.


The details:


Rio Verde Agrees to .40 Per Share All-Cash Acquisition by B&A Mineracao


- “Shareholders to receive .40 in cash per share - The transaction represents an unaffected premium of 56% to the 20-day volume weighted average trading price of .2568 based on trading to November 30 2012 - Rio Verde's Board of Directors unanimously recommend that shareholders vote in favour of the transaction.”


This is a $48.6 million takeover and it is grassroots – i.e. there are only two holes so far. It is, though, near the Sergipe Basin and the only producing potash mine in Brazil. This play is similar to those in the Amazonas Basin (i.e. To Pacific Potash, Brazil Potash and Cowley) in that the potash was discovered through the search for oil and gas. It is harder, though, to mine in this area than the Amazonas Basin.



V.PP as Real Estate


V.PP right now is really a real estate play - in the sense that "you always want to own the cheapest property on the most popular street."


Pacific Potash is contiguous to Forbes and Manhattan's (i.e. Stan Bharti's) Brazil Potash, which will have a $500 million to $1 billion valuation once it gets listed on Brazil’s BM&FBOVESPA Exchange in Q1 2013.


The V.PP Property is huge - i.e. it is as big as both Petrobras' and Brazil Potash's properties. It is a 50 km by 30 km property that is over 2 million acres (800,000 hectares or 3000 square miles). And note: It is early days here, as V.PP got this Amazonas Basin property a short while ago and only signed their geo, Dean Pekeski, on August 31st of this year.


I see V.PP as just finishing their 43-101, making their property payments (they have the money on hand - i.e. pre-PP, to do this), finishing their PP, and setting up their initial drilling i.e. – just keeping their nose clean. Meanwhile, Brazil Potash will do their 43-101, drilling and huge IPO, etc. and Cowley will do their 43-101, drilling and money-raising, etc.


A few more things:


- The numbers on this deal could be huge.

- No doubt they are talking to institutions.

- If things go right, this would be bought out way before they even thought about going into production.

- Western Potash had the property – but are paying attention and raising money for their Saskatchewan potash play – as the market wanted them too. They, smartly, though, kept a 20% interest and can back in for 49%. That, though, would be massively expensive to keep, and IMHO, it would be bought out way before that ever happened.

-World attention is coming to the Amazonian Basin

- In these situations, potash can be so far apart re its spacing, that an inferred resource can come relatively cheap.


Two things that should move the SP:


- These guy should get analyst eyeballs all over them once Brazil Potash IPO’s in Q1 2013.


- Once its $1.25 million financing is completed, the pressure should be off the SP, allowing for some lift.



The November 28 blog was the first one on V.PP and it contained a lot of DD. Here is the link if needed:


IMHO, V.PP has multi-bagger written all over it. I have been buying.