Seems license for Bromhead is in place. I am assuming this is Petro One Energy Joint Venture. Date of issue 7 November 2012 and has a confidential period of 30 days. Does that mean 7 December 2012 confidentiality expires?There appear to be two wells and both FROBISHER. Link below. Any comments? By the way this is my first post, been reading the boards though. 12/11/07                                PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS DIVISION                                                    W E L L   B U L L E T I N                         NEW LEG LICENSE                   LOCATION:  91-11-30-03-12-2                                                   LICENSE NUMBER:  12-K-104                            (LC-LS-SC-TP-RG-M)    (WX-S-T-R)  (LEG NO)                           DATE OF ISSUE:  2012/11/07              LEG LOCATION:  31-11-30-03-12-2                   02                                                                                               PREVIOUS UPDATE:      /  /  WELL NAME:  ARC ET AL BROMHEAD 2HZ 4D13-19-3C11-30-3-12   COORDINATES:    73.6M S. OF N. AND  315.0M E. OF W. OF SECTION 19-03-12-2            GR ELEVATION   592.9   BOTTOM FORMATION:  435197 FROBISHER                      AT 1725.0M   TARGET FORMATION:  435197 FROBISHER                      AT 1725.0M   WELL CLASSIFICATION:  03 - OUTPOST WELL   WELL OBJECTIVE:  OIL WELL   CONFIDENTIAL PERIOD:  30 DAYS   LEASE INFORMATION:  NUMBER  PN63993   MINERAL OWNERSHIP:  100.00000 CROWN      .00000 CROWN ACQUIRED      .00000 FREEHOLD   FIELD OFFICE AREA: 4 ESTEVAN