Petro One Energy Corp


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Tells Me: For bullish events, upward momentum has just built up with the latest price now trading higher than the price 10 bars ago. The opposite is true for bearish events where we're seeing downward momentum now that the price is trading lower than 10 bars ago. Momentum measures the velocity of price changes. For a 10-bar momentum, we take the difference between the last bar's close and the close 10 bars ago and we plot this as a line fluctuating above and below 0 which can be used as buy and sell signals when in agreement with prevailing trend analysis. Momentum is significant because it signals the strength of price trends. A healthy price trend tends to exhibit strong momentum, while weakening trends often have decreasing momentum indicating a trend reversal or correction.

Event Date:

Nov 21, 2012

Opportunity Type:

Short-Term Bullish

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The Momentum has moved above 0.