Its interesting to note that the GSR news release was prepared by none other then "King James Capital Corporation".  You know,... that single guy who runs his empire out of his apartment?  Seriously, google street view his corporate headquarters.  This is the same guy who lied through his teeth for over a year about POP, giving us every excuse in the book to hold on to our shares and telling us the reason for no news was just "new policy".  There was no mention of farming all the properties to any shareholder who called was there? No new drilling and no production results... well there was, but POP just refused to release that info.  I guess POP management finally realized they don't have a clue what they're doing. Anyways, I hope this puts to rest that scammers credibility.  It also makes all the posters who said "call Jeff" look smart.  That worked out really well didn't it?  Lets not forget all the spam emails Jeff fires off to lure in his next unsuspecting batch of bagholders on the immenent GSR pump and dump.  Thats what all these news releases are all about.  Jeff is setting the stage... just like he did with POP.