Petro One Energy's fiscal year end is in April. The next filings are therefore not quarterly but annual.

All TSX-V companies with April year end are obliged to file on August 28th, 2012.
This is public knowledge and the schedule is available on the BCSC website.

It is absurd that a company should announce it is following the securities laws and regulations of the land.  It is your job as an investor to find out what a company's filing schedule is and then read the filings when they are on SEDAR. 

All of this information can be obtained, in a matter or minutes, by calling the company. 

Instead of investing countless hours discussing and investigating rumors on Stockhouse, consider dedicating considerable time and effort to real due diligence work.  It is an investor’s personal responsibility. 

Investors must take basic steps such as calling the company and reading filings, or they will certainly lose considerable sums of money.